What exactly is freedom?

A short, straightforward guide

by Björn Skrölmann Updated 18 Feb 2022

So what actually is freedom?

Beneath the word “freedom” is a powerful idea.

While many in the world speak of freedom, it does not exist in any part of the world.

Freedom means you can do what you like, as long as you don’t violate other people’s rights.

Freedom is voluntary. Freedom is choice.

It means you have the right to a free life.

Your Rights & Restrictions under freedom

Rights: what you can do

Rights are not given by government decree — you were born with them.

You (and everyone else) are entitled to the following rights:

These rights cannot be taken away unless you voluntary give them up.

Restrictions: what you can’t do

Freedom is difficult. And it must be consistent.

Rights work both ways — there are two sides to each right.

Freedom isn’t perfect

Nothing is perfect. But freedom is the best we have in an imperfect world.

Grey areas exist everywhere. For example, if you kill somebody in self-defence, is that okay? It depends.

Nothing can deliver utopia

Make no mistake about it, freedom will not deliver utopia.

Freedom will deliver a better world, where we can provide value, keep what we earn, choose what we want to do, and live freely.

But even in a world of freedom, people will do bad things. We are all capable of evil by our very nature.

Look no further than the history books to see that evil acts were carried out by people just like you and me.

What should you do?

Love the people around you

Even if you disagree with them.

Live your best life, and add value to people around you. Be patient, kind, generous, and peaceful.

Everyone who is against the idea of freedom today, could one day soon be on your side.

Putting them off won’t help. Demonstrating the brilliance of freedom, will.

Learn about freedom

The more you know, the better you’ll be able to share your views.

Useful resources

Other things you can do