The Call

Your invitation to the remnant

by Björn Skrölmann Updated 18 Feb 2022

We are on the brink of crisis.

And we have reached a crossroads.

The self-appointed rulers of the world have a mission to secure complete control of the world’s people and resources — the complete enslavement of humanity.

They control the communications infrastructure that allows them to dominate our society.

And they have a monopoly on violence.

To make things worse, today’s technology is quickly unlocking their ability to achieve their mission.

A war is brewing. A war of ideology.

There are two paths available to us

The easy path: tyranny

Surrender, do nothing, and allow the self-styled rulers to complete their goal.

This will happen if we do nothing. It’s in progress as we speak.

The hard path: freedom

Fight for freedom and a free world.

This will only happen if we act, form communities, and share the message of freedom to the world.

This path involves education, communication, and replacing the current goals and ideology.

This is your call.

Make no mistake — this is a war. A war of ideas.

It’s a war for all the chess pieces. The future of humanity is at stake.

Freedom is our only hope, but right now, it’s illegal.

It won’t be easy. We are few in number.

But our ideas are powerful. And we are entirely peaceful.

Join us, spread the word of freedom, and help build a free world.

What exactly is freedom?

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